Hello Autumn!

These are some of the beauties I have grown at my allotment

As I type this, the rain is falling outside. Some leaves have already turned a lovely shade of brown and have drifted to the ground in my garden. Everywhere we go, we are now seeing the start of the beautiful season autumn.

I’ve been harvesting pumpkins and many root vegetables from my allotment for a few weeks now and boy am I glad of them! Not only do we have the pumpkins ready for Halloween but we also have the seasonal veg to put into stews and soups! There’s nothing quite like a hearty stew during the colder months of the year, all those gorgeous colours and tastes - it makes my soul feel happy!

Now for some pumpkin carving tips!

Whether you've been doing this for years or are a first tier, there's bound to be something here that you can take to make sure your pumpkin is the best on the street! Although baggsie the best one on my street!!!

Wipe down pumpkins to keep them from rotting

Before carving, wipe down the outside. Some say to use a diluted bleach solution and that will remove any unfriendly bacteria. Keep the pumpkin out of direct sunight and refrigerate when it's not on display.

Separate the seeds and gloop

As you clean the pumpkin out, put the seeds and pumpkin flesh into a bowl of cold water. Seeds will float and the mucky stuff will go to the bottom. Some people use this as a tasty treat by patting them dry and lightly tossing some oik over them before roasting!

Thin the walls

Now the pumpkin is all clean, you can thin the walls of it if you want to. Many don't and that's ok. If you thin the inside walls, the light will shine through brighter and help those trick or treaters know that your house is a good one for getting their candy treats!

As the year turns a lovely shade of orange, we turn our attention to Christmas and birthdays. Hugo's Workshop is open for you to find that special and bespoke gift for someone you cherish. Whether it be a Christmas Eve board for the littles, a sign for your Nan's garden, a creation station for your gin and/or mulled wine or perhaps a chopping board to help welcome someone into their new home - you'll find them here. 

Each one lovingly made by me and each of them made especially and uniquely for your chosen recipient.

Posted on October 19th 2021

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