Celebrating World Baking Day at home

There’s a holiday for all reasons and seasons nowadays, isn’t there! But one I think deserves a special mention is World Baking Day. Held on 17th May, it’s an awareness day that gives you a chance to celebrate your baking prowess in the kitchen and to experience the enjoyment you can get from baking.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be a baking goddess in the kitchen, to enjoy World Baking Day. In fact, it’s not about being great at baking. It’s all about the enjoyment you can experience in your kitchen because, for many of us, the kitchen really is the heart of our family.

Your kitchen is your happy place...

Your kitchen is a place the entire family tends to head to, regardless of whether you’re baking or not, and no matter the occasion. It’s a place for good food (even if that does come from the nearest takeaway!), conversation and the odd glass of wine. In short, your kitchen is often the happy place in your home.

So if you want to celebrate World Baking Day and you love being in the kitchen, why not treat yourself to some good quality chopping boards? Our chunky chopping boards are both stunning and functional - and you can get them personalised if you wish. They’re great slicing and dicing fruit for your cake mixtures, as well as those gorgeous-looking sponge cakes you’ve just cooked for World Baking Day - and even the mint for your homemade Mojito.

Bring a little humour into the kitchen

Humour is another essential ingredient in a kitchen (actually, it’s essential for your entire house!). It helps lighten up a dreary day and makes all kitchen chores seem a little easier, especially when you have zero motivation to finish them.

If you’re looking to get some beautiful decor around your kitchen, and are wishing to add a little humor, why not check out our solid oak engaged rope hanging signs? There’s the opportunity for some great kitchen humour, with the classic ‘Sometimes I cook with wine…’ or ‘The secret ingredient is always love’ or you can create your own quote, guaranteed to bring a little laughter into your day.

Celebrate your baking prowess for World Baking Day

If you’ve embraced World Baking Day and have a glorious cake to munch your way through, why not celebrate? Whether your tipple of choice is tea or Gin and tonic (I have been known to drink the odd one or two of each!), but your feet up, settle back in the chair and enjoy the fruits of your labour. And don’t forget to protect your kitchen table from pesky drink stains, with one of our beautifully chunky, solid oak coasters!

World Baking Day is the perfect excuse to spread a little happiness and humour in your kitchen. So why not dig out your cookbooks and treat your family to a delicious homemade baked cake or two to celebrate one of the more unusual awareness days in our calendar.

Posted on May 1st 2020

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