Case Study: Satis Wealth Management

Show appreciation to your working from home team 

Coronavirus is rapidly changing the way we live and work, and we're yet to know how long it may remain like this. Maintaining personal connections is vital to our own health and wellbeing. Whilst technology has made this much easier, there are limits to this, especially for companies and teams who are not bound together by their local area or family ties.

Some employers are thinking about how they can keep their teams engaged and having fun together, and we've been delighted to work with them and find new ways to use the personalisation we can bring to our range of wooden gifts.

"Our team have been working from home for a few weeks now and while we have the technology to keep serving our clients and stay in touch with each other, the connection and the fun of the team is just not the same as being together in the office. I wanted to find a light-hearted and personal way to send everyone in our team a small gift. 

Having previously received gifts from Hugo's Workshop from my wife and children, I knew the quality, and the personal touch their gifts would deliver. Since a good cup of tea is vital to our team working efficiently I approached Rebecca to help me design some coasters. Together we worked on a design that incorporated our company logo and pretend that each member of the team was now running their own local branch of our business. I am really pleased with the designs and can’t wait to hear our team's reaction when they each receive their new coasters

It's an added bonus to know we're helping a local business to keep trading in these difficult times. I would encourage any business owner to think about the ways they can keep their teams engaged and find the fun in the simple pleasure of receiving a personal gift."

David Hearne from Satis Wealth Management

Rebecca said... "I absolutely loved making these team gifts and I would love to make some more. Please drop me a line or give me a call if you would like something for your team. I’d be very pleased to discuss your requirements."

Posted on April 16th 2020

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