7 Reasons to Celebrate the Main Man This Father’s Day

Dad is an all-round-one-man-band who can accomplish many feats. Yours may be a reliable taxi driver, fixer of all things broken, DIY expert of flat-packed furnishings or a supreme lender of cash in some sticky situations.

This Father’s Day - Sunday, June 20th - show Dad he’s the King with some fancy handcrafted gifts and a home cooked brekkie and - don’t forget the personal touch that he’ll treasure for years to come.

Aside from the obvious - that you love him - here are some of our best reasons to worship Dad this year.

# 1. Uncanny reflexes

If a bounding dog is likely to knock his child clean out, dad jumps in the way and rescues said kid. This goes in many forms including kids about to topple into ponds or rivers and darting dad putting himself in the way of flying objects including frisbees and balls.

# 2. Major fun

It’s only dad who comes up with ridiculous games like who can stand on dad’s head the longest or balance on his hand - we’re talking little kids here of course. But Dad always has a game, a trick, a clever joke or a prank underway so we need an eye on him at all times.

# 3. Fountain of all Knowledge

There obviously is Google. We know that. But why look up when we can just ask good old Dad. He’s bound to know, after all... "Dad who was the Prime Minister before Margaret Thatcher? Why is the sky blue? Why do we burp?..." 

However old Dad is, he seems to know all of the answers we need in life.

# 4. Sense of Direction

If you get lost, you’ll definitely want to have dad by your side. With an innate knowledge of where north is, which somehow equates to an ingenious way to get home from a mapless walk through the countryside, dad is like a walking compass.

# 5. Sporting Genius 

 Not every dad is a sports nut, but ask most for an update on the latest from The Crucible, Lord's of The Emirates and they'll be across it.

They will also be able to furnish you with a quick summary of any of the more complex rules, plus a tale or two about his one sporting career… more often than not from the schoolyard.

# 6. Human Trampoline

If dad’s good for anything, it’s being clambered on by a 30lb toddler - that stomach can take some serious pummeling. Dad also makes a great climbing frame to get onto couches and can somehow balance the weight of a small child on his skull.

# 7. Carrying Stuff

You're back home from a weekend away and the only thing you want to do is get inside, kick off your shoes and relax.

But what about the bags, suitcases, coats and kids' clobber left in the car?

It's OK because dad's doing it. 

Show Dad you care this Father’s Day

Dad surely deserves a break this Father’s Day. So get him a lovely gift to show you care! Whatever his personal strengths, there is something for everyone in my range of personalised gifts, all created from solid oak.

So will it be an engraved photo frame, personalised hammer or quirky chopping board? Personalise in just a few simple steps online now.

If you need help to find the perfect gift, I'm only a call or a click away.

Posted on May 12th 2021

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