You’ve placed an order for a unique personalised engraved wooden gift. What happens next?

The hard bit is done, you’ve thought about it for days or even months. You’ve trawled the net, you’ve been through tons of internet searches to find a really special personalised gift for your loved one, (or for the perfect present for that wedding or christening you have been invited to). 

personalised engraved wood gift ideas

Then you found Hugo’s Workshop and you have selected from our wide variety of gorgeous wood bespoke engraved presents. All you had to do then is decide what you want your engraving to say, place your order and then that’s it! 

Next it’s down to me, Rebecca, founder and designer maker here at Hugo’s Workshop. 

Personalised oak gifts
Rebecca from Hugo's Workshop

I take your idea and work my magic with my design software. 

I produce a digital preview, so you can have a really good idea what your design is going to look like. 

I only engrave once I have received your approval of the design. If what I have come up with is not quite what you had envisioned, then just let me know and I will rework the design. 

I am happy to do this as many times as is necessary, so you get exactly what you had in mind (or better) when you placed the order. 

The digital preview is also useful as you can check for any spelling mistakes that may have inadvertently slipped in!  

I aim to get your digital preview over to you within 2 working days of receipt of your order.

At really busy periods this may take a little longer, but I do my best to keep on top of the designs so beautiful personalised chopping boards, photo frames and medal hangers keep flowing out of the workshop doors and into the hands of my customers!

perfect gin and tonic preparation
An example of a preview for a G&T Chopping Board

If you have ordered a present that you wish to be engraved with children’s handwriting or drawings (or that of an adult, I don’t mind!) you need to get the writing over to me. When you place your order you will be asked to upload a photo of it to the website, or you can simply email it over to me at More information on how easy it is to have any of the Hugo’s Workshop products engraved with a copy of actual handwriting click here to read more. 

Once you have emailed me to approve your design, I get busy in the workshop. 

I use one of my 2 CNC engravers to carve into photo frames, chopping boards and other beautiful pieces of solid oak to create your totally personal gift. 

I am very careful when engraving to get the depth right. Too deep and the wording loses its delicacy and balance. Too shallow and it is not readable. I often run the machine over at least 4 times to ensure that I have got it exactly right. I want everything that comes out of Hugo’s Workshop to be utterly perfect. 

this chopping board is personalised and makes a perfect and unique gift
Rebecca hand finishing a personalised chopping board

After engraving comes sanding and finishing. The sanding is important to get rid of any fuzzy bits on the edges and ensures that the engraving looks precise. 

I have two methods of finishing and this really depends on which product you have chosen. 

For anything that food will be cut on, (large and small chopping boards, G&T preparation chopping boards, bread boards, cheese serving platters) I use a food grade white mineral oil. Everything that is sent out will have received at least two coats of oil. This feeds the wood and keeps it in beautiful condition. 

For everything else (photo frames, Santa snack platters, medal hanger boards) I use a lovely clear yacht varnish. This seals the wood and protects it from greasy fingerprints and stains. 

Both of these methods of finishing have the advantage of bringing out the beauty of the oak grain, protecting it from damage and highlighting the engraving. 

engraved copy of actual handwriting
Engraved child's handwriting before and after being hand finished

Once your item is dry, it’s lovingly packaged in tissue paper and boxed up. All chopping boards are sent out with care instructions and a 30ml bottle of mineral oil. 

I send everything via Royal Mail because I find them very reliable. When I have dropped your order off at the Post Office, I click a button on my website which sends you an email letting you know that your order is now en route and that you can start stalking your postie! 

look after your wooden chopping board
A bottle of white mineral oil is sent out with every chopping board

When you receive your order I would be really grateful if you would leave me a review either on my Facebook page or preferably on Google.

These not only make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but they encourage others to take the leap and place an order with me! I am confident that once you have bought a Hugo’s Workshop product once, you will return time and time again, because it is easy to do, the products are stunning and you will have very happy gift recipients!

Here are a couple of reviews I copied from Google earlier! 

Great product, service and price. Earned me vital brownie points with the wife!

Andy Brown

I've ordered a few frames from Hugo's workshop, and received a couple as gifts and I love them! The service is excellent, Rebecca is perfect not happy until the design is perfect and it comes beautifully packaged ready to give as a gift!

Jill Paterson. 

Posted on March 2nd 2019

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