Why Gin is the perfect accessory.

In this, the 3rd in a series of blog posts celebrating Ginuary, Personal Stylist & Image Expert Natasha Edge, gives us her view on why Gin has become a must have accessory!

Gin is becoming the "fashionable" drink but what has sparked this?

Why is everyone suddenly enjoying gin a lot more than they used to?

And with all these different types and flavours of gin popping up across the world what is it that is suddenly making gin so popular?

The 90s had their Cosmopolitans (thank you Sex & The City), the noughties had all of those funky flavoured vodkas, the bourbon craze erupted in the '10's... but now there's Gin,

There's so much variety, there is a gin out there now that everyone will enjoy.

There are so many weird and wonderful types of gin and they all come with interesting recipes.

For me it's very appealing how the distillers use botanicals to curate such great flavour.

The way in which flavours reveal themselves within gin

I was a Gin virgin until about 8 months ago, it always seemed a rather boring drink, one which reminded me of my dad and his friends when I was growing up. It looked plain, if you were really lucky you might get a slice of lemon or lime to give it a bit more interest.  As Al Murray says it was traditionally a white wine for the ladies, but then came prosecco and now gin. So imagine the joy we all feel of making a cocktail with both prosecco & gin! 

My revelation began when my husband visited the Bombay Sapphire Distillery and came back wanting to show off his cocktail making skills, being a virgin I was a little unsure as I had never liked the taste before and couldn’t see how that would change. 

However after watching the art involved in making this drink, the care and love that went into it and of course all the colours & flavours I had to give it a try. I was sold instantly! 

As a Personal Stylist I am passionate about colour, so the introduction of pink, lavender, lilac and rhubarb gins was of immediate interest to me. It’s a bit like when I see the right colour on one of my clients the gins seem to come alive, they seem to awaken and become more instantly appealing. You can even get your gin to change colour when you add a tonic! But it’s not just about the clothes you wear, your makeup or hair colour it’s how it can make you feel. That’s the psycology of colour and its true power as mood enhancer. 

And don’t get me started on the accessories, show me a women that doesn’t appreciate drinking out of a beautiful glass, that doesn’t love a pink drink, who wouldn't want to add irredescent sparkles or glitter to their cocktail – it appeals to the inner child in us all. We are all completely sucked in to this new way of drinking gin because it’s suddenly become very stylish and chic, look at all the new gin bars and hotels across the UK – the market is booming. 

So I believe part of the reason gin has become so popular is due to the change in its appearance, the fun of it and of course its colour, its new sex appeal if you will. 

As someone who loves marketing it has been fascinating to see the role social media has played in the rise of gin. Gin's core audience matches closely to most of my client base, well that and the odd glass of prosecco! This has allowed a gin phenomenon to spread beyond what any other spirit has achieved.

After all, a nicely garnished G&T does make a for good colourful Instagram pic!

My favourite is Rhubarb Gin & Cucumber Tonic. What’s your favourite? Cheers!

Natasha Edge

Personal Stylist & Image Expert


Posted on January 8th 2019

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