Why framed photo gifts will never go out of fashion

Photographs. We all have them and we all take them. Whether you take photos with your mobile phone camera or invest in professional photo shoots, photos enable us to preserve moments in time, to cherish forever. The photos we take that capture those truly special moments will end up as framed photo gifts for our loved one - and is that any wonder? Here’s why photos hold a special place in our hearts and are the gift that will never go out of fashion.

From that first baby step through to our last holiday together, photographs enable us to celebrate moments. We use them to capture our first, last and everything in between and frame those moments so we can display those wonderful moments for all to see.

But photos don’t just enable us to capture special moments, they also enable us to remember the joy in our lives. With everything that goes on in our lives and the world around us, we can often get caught up in the negativity of it all. Having our cherished moments, snapshots of fun times and a timeline of joyful celebrations framed and on display serve to remind us that life is good. It enables us to keep those moments in mind and enables us to focus on the positive in our lives.

Framed photo gifts will never go out of fashion because they remind us of what’s important. Of course, there’s also the more practical benefits of a framed photo gift too - they’re inexpensive when compared to canvas photos, they can be framed to match the recipients home decor and they’re a great opportunity to showcase creativity and visual expression!

No matter what type of image, you’ll be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t look great in a frame. And with a variety of frame sizes available, you’ll also find it relatively easy to find a frame to suit the size of the photo you have.

So next time you’re stuck for a gift, don’t overlook the humble framed photo gift. Not only will you be framing a cherished moment, but you’re also giving the gift of happiness and fond memories to the recipient.

And if you’re looking for a quality photo frame to create your framed photo gift, check out the ones we have available for you. Our Single frames start at £27 for a 6x4 frame. There are five sizes available with the biggest being an A4 sized frame for £34. Or if you prefer a double frame, you can choose between a 6x4 or a 5x7 size for £47. On both the single and double frames you have a choice of top or bottom engraving (or both if you prefer!), in a choice of fonts.

Of course, if you want to make your frame really special, we have two additional options for you. You can opt to engrave a secret message on the rear of either frame, for an additional £5 or you can choose to have your message engraved in your own handwriting, for an additional £10. And if you’re looking for a size that doesn’t show on our website, do get in touch, as we may still be able to help!

Posted on July 6th 2020

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