Why and how I am celebrating Ginuary - plus I have a confession to make!

Those of you who follow me on social media might have noticed that I made an announcement on the first day of 2019 that I will be celebrating Ginuary this January. 

But what exactly is Ginuary and what will I be doing here in Hugo’s Workshop to mark it? 

There are no official rules behind the concept of Ginuary, however, some people have said that it means that you ought to try gin a different way every day for a whole month. 

For me that sounds a bit much, after a Christmas period of pure indulgence (when I say indulgence I mean it, I put have on 6lbs in less than a month!). 

It also seems a little bit irresponsible to encourage drinking alcohol every single day!

Here is where I have to make a confession – I am not a big fan of a G&T. (I know, I know!!) 

In the past I have found it a kind of weird bitter taste. 

I was speaking to someone about this recently and she said that maybe I was just using the wrong kind of tonic? 

I thought to myself, I sell an awful lot of G&T creation stations, (mini chopping boards with one sole purpose, to use to cut lemons and limes for your drink) and my customers have great taste! ;) 

Maybe there is something I am missing? 

What I have decided to do is to take the opportunity to learn to enjoy the drink that so many people rave about. It’s become a real trend of the moment which doesn’t show any signs of going away. In fact people are innovating more and more interesting and stylish ways of serving gin. You just have to enter #gin into Instagram and you will find over 5 million posts – most of them photos of beautifully served gin cocktails which look super cool. 

I marked 1st Ginuary yesterday by getting accquainted with the gin which was sent with my Naked Wines subscription this Christmas, I mixed it with elderflower cordial, diet tonic from Waitrose and a slice of lime. I made it special by using a pink cocktail sugar around the rim! It was scrummy! Amazon sell a similar sugar to the one I used, just follow this link. My photos aren't exactly Instagram super cool but it tasted pretty good! 

gin chopping board

So, I have decided to embark of a journey of gin discovery this January. I am looking for the best recipes, the tastiest gins (and tonics) and the funniest gin related tales. 

I have got some fun bloggers lined up, innovative serving ideas and beautiful images for you all to enjoy. 

So let’s all raise a glass and toast Ginuary 2019, may we learn a lot and laugh a lot this month! 

If you want to get involved by submitting a guest blog or recipe or even a photo of your very own gin cocktail creation station or home bar please contact me via email rebecca@hugosworkshop.co.uk

Posted on January 2nd 2019

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