Which are you?

26.2 miles.

For some that is 26.2 miles of ‘not going to happen’, for others its 26.2 miles of freedom and joy.

marathon (noun)

1) a long running race of about 26 miles

2) an activity or a piece of work that lasts a long time and requires a lot of effort and patience

For most people the word marathon invokes a sense of challenge, unless you are one of the group of people still bitter that they changed the name of marathon bars to snickers in 1990!

Whether you see a marathon strictly as a distance to run or as the ultimate challenge there is no denying the sense of achievement be it your first marathon or your 50th.

Did you know roughly 1.1 MILLION people run a marathon every year!

Marathons come in all shapes and sizes, from the colossal London, New York or Boston to the smaller fell races, challenge races or the increasingly popular loop format where entrants chose how many loops of a smaller circuit they complete to make up their chosen distance (or some who set off and run as many loops as they possibly can).

Lets be honest though, how many of us do it for the bling? That prized medal worn proudly around your neck and then most likely stashed in a shoebox under the bed or on top of the wardrobe!

Luckily I have the solution to that, how much better would they look hanging on a solid oak hanger allowing you to proudly display all those hard earned medals in one place. 

They even come ready to hang on the wall with fixings attached to the back.

They can also be beautifully engraved with your name and inspirational quote of your choice. It doesn't stop there though!

Names, dates, someone's very own handwriting - all these things and more can be added to make your medal hanger go that extra special mile in someone's heart.

Behind every medal there’s a success story, and there is no better way to remember your achievements than hanging them with pride on your wall!

Posted on March 27th 2022

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