Calling all medal owners!

For anyone that doesn't know: The Olympics were inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD.

Their origin is a mystery but one of the popular theories is that Hercules built the Olympic Stadium for his Father, Zeus

The first modern Games in Athens was in 1896 after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in 1894.

The modern Games are a combination of summer and winter sports competitions and it’s now considered the World’s most important sporting event and no wonder with over 200 nations participating!

Tokyo was due to host last year, 2020, but the pandemic that is COVID-19, swept over the World and they were postponed until July 2021 as a result.

Every time it’s held, over 200 nations come together to compete to win an Olympic medal – what an honour!

After each event a medal ceremony is held. There’s the winner, second place and third place who are then awarded their respective medals.

With over 35 sports and 408 events that’s a huge collection of medals!

The United States are currently in the lead and have won an impressive 38 medals so far. We, Great Britain, currently rank No.6 in the table with Australia just ahead of us with 20 and I couldn’t be prouder.

Did you know that Tom Dean, the fabulous swimmer, is from Maidenhead? While I think of it, there are a few grand names to include Jack Beaumont.

Jack had quite a journey to get to the Olympics. He sustained an injury some years ago during training but luckily he recovered well and is representing Great Britain (and Maidenhead!) in this years Olympics in Rowing.

There's also Harriet Taylor, Fran Kirby, Taylor Campbell, Matt Rossiter, Charles Elwes, Matilda Horn, Ellie Rayner and Oliver Cook who are all from the Berkshire area and are excellent sportspeople and competing in some of the most prestigious events!

Wow - that's quite something to be proud of!

With all of those medals up for grabs, it gets me thinking about how the deserving winners display them (you know what's coming next!)

My very own medal displays would be ideal wouldn't they!

Maybe someone should put a word in to Tom Daley, I personally think his gold medals would look rather fetching on one of my solid oak medal displays. I might even throw in a bottle of oil as a treat!

In all honesty though, you don't have to be an Olympic winner to display your medals

I believe that every success, no matter how big or small, should be celebrated.

Here at Hugo's we take special care with every single item that's made. Each and every one is made with love and leaves my workshop in tip top condition. I apply a good coat of hard wearing yacht varnish to these beauties so they continue to take pride of place in your home looking their very best.

My medal displays can be personalised with your very own handwriting or I can engrave one of your favourite quotes - there really is something for everyone. 

I'm going to continue to watch the Olympics and maybe next year my medal displays could be being used by our very own medal winners - what an absolute dream! 

Posted on July 29th 2021

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