What You Need to Know About Your First 5 Wedding Anniversaries

What You Need to Know About Your First 5 Wedding Anniversaries 

Your wedding anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate your special day each year and remind yourself (and each other) exactly why you tied the knot in the first place…  

Whether you consider yourself a modern couple or not, there’s something pretty cool about upholding little traditions – we have personal quirky ones in our family as I’m sure you do too!  

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts though, how many of the traditional milestone gifts are you aware of and have you got any idea what the different meanings are? If you’re coming up to your anniversary and want to give your gift meaning, this is what you need to know…

The first five years of your marriage all considered major anniversary landmarks (after that, the big celebrations usually come fewer and far between – you’ll be waiting until your 60th for the diamond!)

Year One

The tradition of giving paper on your first year together comes from the idea your first year of marriage being like a blank sheet. Our gift vouchers are a great twist on this one and they absolutely count as paper! Or how about printing out a lovely photo from your wedding and presenting it to your husband or wife in a beautiful engraved solid oak photo frame

Year Two

For your second year, the tradition is cotton, symbolising thread woven together - the longer you are married the more your life becomes inseparable.

Year Three

While leather is the gift of your third year, representing durablility and its traditionally use as a material to protect and provide shelter (a Mulberry handbag would be nice!)

Year Four

With any luck, your marriage will be blooming and ripening after four years of marriage, so your traditional gift should be fruit and flowers – that’s a budget-friendly one! 

Year Five

And then we get to the fifth celebration. Whether it’s your own anniversary or that of a friend or relative, a fifth wedding anniversary is a milestone to celebrate. 

The gift to give is WOOD. 

Yes, you’ve been married for half a decade and by now your marriage is solid and you have deep roots together. The idea of using wood is also because trees are strong and a symbol of wisdom.  Celebrate the strength of your bond with this material.

Isn’t this this cool? 

5th anniversary wood

Of course - here at Hugo’s Workshop we have a fabulous range of wooden gifts all completely customisable with different phrases, names, dates and love hearts so you can choose something that resonates with you personally. You’re in the right place!

To help you find the perfect wooden anniversary gift, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites here: 

Single Photo Frames

Double Photo Frames

Chopping boards 

Notice boards

Cheese Serving platters 

Gift Vouchers

So if your wedding anniversary is coming up or you’re buying a gift for friends, you now know have an insight into the traditional gifts and their meanings. Don’t let the traditions get lost! 

Rebecca x

personalised wood 5th anniversary gifts

Posted on June 27th 2019

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