What to write on a personalised gift

Find the perfect gift and personalise it with any message. Sounds simple, right? It is... until you have to actually decide the exact words you want to engrave! 

Do you want to be funny, or meaningful? Or perhaps simplicity is the way - adding straightforward names and dates. It will of course be driven by WHO you are buying for and the type of item you are personalising. 

Engraving ideas to inspire you

Here are some of the engravings I've done for past and present customers:

Chopping boards:

  • Keep on chopping mum
  • Dad's kitchen
  • Chop chop Paul!
  • Chris's kitchen
  • Mr & Mrs Soiza

View more chopping boards here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/chopping-boards

Medal Display Boards: 

  • Run, Rebecca, Run!
  • Mum's medals
  • Miles of memories
  • Fastest Foster
  • The faster you run, the soooner you're done
  • I hate running
  • Paddles up
  • Challenge your limits

View more here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/medal-display-boards

Oak Hanging Signs: 

  • Shoe-free zone
  • Quiet please
  • If all else fails, eat cake
  • Soup of the day: coffee
  • The secret Ingredient is always love
  • I always cook with wine, sometimes I add it to food 
  • Tilly's room: keep out!

View more here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/solid-oak-engraved-rope-hanging-signs

Gin & Tonic Boards:

  • Chris's G&T Creation Station
  • Billy & Joy's Rum & Coke Creation Station
  • Bottom's up
  • Just add gin
  • It's always Cocktail O'Clock at the Peterson's
  • The bar is always open
  • Proudly serving whatever you bring

View more here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/gin-and-tonic-chopping-board

Photo Frames:

Usually names and dates are used on photo frames as well as children's handwriting which is especially suited to this product.  Private 'hidden' messages can also be engraved on the rear of the frames. 

View here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/category/photo-frames

Anything goes! 

As you can see, there are so many options and I can engrave almost any message - space permitted! 

If you have any enquiries or want to find out more about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Email: info@hugosworkshop.co.uk 

Posted on April 8th 2021

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