What Makes Mother’s Day Special to You?

Mother's Day is one of the biggest calendar events at Hugo’s Workshop, and I’m loving all of the personalised orders coming in for engraving on photo frames, chopping boards, oak hanging signs and (…my personal favourite) G&T boards.  Engraving items using your own children’s handwriting has been the bestseller so far, understandably - what a gorgeous momento to cherish! 

There just seems something so special about Mother’s Day, it’s less of a Hallmark Day and more of a celebration. It honours the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society overall. This year, we’re celebrating it in the UK on Sunday 22nd March.

Curious to find out if you agree with me, I decided to reach out to friends and customers this week asking “what makes Mother’s Day special to you?”… Here are some of the lovely responses I got:

Susie Ramroop, Mindset Coach and Parenting Columnist at Families magazine (www.susieramroop.com) said:  “It's the perfect excuse to celebrate multiple generations and the connections between us. While it is also tempting to be the one doing the giving on this day if you are fortunate enough to have a Mum, I always take the time to give to myself that day too, either with a walk, or a gift that I choose and buy myself. I think this sets a great example for my mother and daughter alike about how to value oneself.”

Rachel Murphy (www.authenticbabyphotography.com) adds: “It's the perfect day to celebrate Mums! Mums are so often the ones to pull everything together and keep everyone going, it's nice to have a dedicated day to be recognised for everything we do (it should be monthly!)”

I definitely second that Rachel!

Debbie Ware (https://thefunkycookiecompany.com) says: “I think it’s important for children (particularly) to reflect on what a parent does and take a moment to be grateful. In our house we use Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as an opportunity to show gratitude to each other, not just from children to parents, but as husband and wife. It’s not just about cards and gifts but caring and looking after each other on that day. Now the children are older we encourage them to choose the gifts they give and to give thoughtful gifts.”

Angela Doore adds: “When I was at school I enjoyed making cards for my mother. It was a way of thanking her for taking care of me every day. I still buy flowers for mothers day even though she is no longer here.”

Rachel Moutrie (https://www.skeinqueenyarns.co.uk/) reminds us: “Mother's Day has a long tradition of being the day girls in service were allowed to go back home to see their mother.”

Which is a great point Rachel – there are many traditions surrounding Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday that go way back and have fascinating origins!

Helen Symonds (https://frankly.store) said: “I totally underestimated how much I would love Mother's Day, it feels so much more special than birthdays & Christmas. I think it is partly because there is less expectation for consumerism on that day. I have an online retail shop https://frankly.store/ & I talk a lot about the meaning & story behind gifts. The little gifts the kids pick themselves from the school's Mother’s Day shop are worth more than anything that money can buy (I give them the £1 to buy them as well). Cup of tea in bed, a cuddle with my babies, home-made cards & maybe some daffodils & I feel like the most special person in the world!

Finally Lizzie Parsons (https://www.lizzieparsonsstyle.co.uk) said: “For me, as a mum to two young boys it's a chance to reflect on how far we have come and to feel extra grateful. I still steal myself when they call me 'mummy'. I love being mummy. There has been explosive diarrhoea all down my body from my eldest son, temper tantrums that would put some famous divas to shame from both of them, accidental head butts right into my nose from my youngest, but it always amazes me that I produced two humans that I would lay my life on the line for. Motherhood is tough but the journey is worth it. My boys bring life into technicolor for me. I am defined by motherhood, I am proudly defined by being their mummy. Mother's Day is an extra excuse to get flowers which I love and breakfast in bed snuggled up with my babies. I will also probably get an accidental foot in the face as they play fight with each other....Mother’s Day is also an excuse for extra kisses and hugs -not that I need it. I'm holding on tightly to these years x”

That’s so beautifully put Lizzie! I’d love to hear your thoughts too – get in touch!

Wherever you are, and whatever you are planning to do I wish you all the best day of celebration, whether that’s for yourself or someone else that is special in your life.

To view our Mother’s Day collection click here, but remember the last date for ordering personalised gifts is Sunday 15th March!


Rebecca x

Posted on February 27th 2020

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