Are you feeling lucky?

Who’s heard the news?

Hugo’s Workshop are running a competition every month in 2022!

That’s right, every month there’s a chance to win and its easy peasey. It really is.

All you need to do is take a picture of your favourite item made by Hugo’s Workshop and upload it to social media using the hashtag #hugosathome

That’s it!

At the end of every month, I’ll have a goosey gander over every entry and will choose one to be the winner for that month.

What can you win?

Each month will be different but you could win a gift voucher for Hugo’s Workshop, or a premade item from my selection of goodies or you could even have the chance to win a bespoke piece made right here in my workshop!

So, get tagging!

It was only a few days ago we were groaning at the fact January seems to have a gazillion weeks in it and then as if by magic…it’s February!

I think in February, people seem to feel better. I know I do anyway.

January is over and we’ve got the Spring to look forward to. I don’t know about you but I’ve already seen some signs that Spring is well underway and I love it! We’ve been and got a few pots of those mini daffodils to put around the house and they’re so bright they cheer us all up. We’ve even had a couple of days where some rays of sunshine have tried to poke through – sun beds at the ready!

And then, there’s Mother’s Day in March.

Mother’s Day has to be one of the biggest calendar events at Hugo’s Workshop. Each year I’m amazed at all of the beautifully personalised orders that come through. Photo frames, jewellery organisers, hanging signs and chopping boards are just a few of the popular items that leave the workshop this time of year.

Engraving your own handwriting or your children’s handwriting is also a very popular option and why not, it’s a beautiful way of cementing those memories that we so cherish!

Mother’s Day is a celebration isn’t it. A celebration of this person who always gives their all and who never seems to tire (I’m very tired but that’s just me!) and just pulls everything together. We honour the Mother of the family and often we celebrate the generations within our families too on this day, it truly is such a special occasion.

It’s a day of reflection too, for the whole family. Realising how far you’ve all come, enjoying that beautiful moment when your children come to wake you up (you’ve been up for ages but you have to lie there and pretend!) with a cup of tea and lots of smiles and the home-made cards which always seem to make you cry.

However you celebrate in your household, cherish each and every moment because in the blink of an eye they're grown up. 

It doesn't have to be an expensive meal out or the biggest bunch of flowers you can find from that prestige florist, it can be the smallest token and often they're the best.

A handmade card complete with a glitter explosion (for you to clean up later!), a cup of tea (most likely cold and milky), a box of chocs (with at least two missing) and a handtied bunch of daffodils (yep, those ones you've been growing recently!).

It's the little moments that make life beautiful

Posted on January 31st 2022

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