Top Secret: The Perfect Birthday Plan

Breakfast In Bed

Every birthday should start with breakfast in bed and one of my all-time favourites is a soft-boiled egg and soldiers; nothing beats dunking warm, buttered toast into a rich, orange yolk. If you pop a room-temperature egg in a pan of boiling water and let it simmer for 5 minutes, you should have a deliciously gooey dippy egg. You even can up the ante on presentation with one of my Egg And Soldier Boards.


Plans worth having require caffeine to fuel the day. So, fill up your loved one’s preferred cup or mug with their favourite caffeinated beverage and ensure to keep it topped up throughout the day. When at home, however, you might want to avoid those countertop ring marks by investing in a personalised Coaster from Hugo’s Workshop.


Why give a generic present, when you can impress the special someone in your life with bespoke, hand-crafted gifts? My Photo Frames are the most popular choice when it comes to giving a unique surprise. Really, any recipient of a photo frame gets two presents for the price of one; not only do they receive a copy of a gorgeous photo memory, but they also get a personalised engraved message!

Love Notes

From time to time, but especially on a birthday, it is nice to receive words of affirmation, love notes, or simply a card with a meaningful or thoughtful message scrawled in it. But, what if you could immortalize some words of wisdom, an inside joke, or a quote for your loved one? Well, now you can! Create a bespoke Hanging Sign that can be engraved with anything from a special date, or short message, to a handwritten haiku!

Birthday Dinner

Birthdays often centre around food. Hopefully your esteemed guest of honour is not too full from lunch out to enjoy a light home-made dinner, lovingly prepared by their significant other, friends, and/or children. My solid oak Chopping Boards are perfect for prepping a delicious dinner.


What birthday would be complete without cake? Whether it’s a home-made sponge cake with slightly cindered edges, or a shop-bought carrot cake, you need to invest in one of my Serving Platters. While the ones featured on my website are slightly more festive, the designs can be adjusted for any occasion, and are super Instagram-able for any “cutting the cake” pictures.


In so far as gifts go, a hangover might not be the best, but a tiny after-dinner tipple, or a night cap might just round the day off nicely. You can use one of my Gin and Tonic Boards to prepare your botanicals and glass décor. In terms of gin-spiration, these boards are perfect for anyone who enjoys a drink at the end of the day!

Posted on September 27th 2022

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