Tis the season

If you have noticed a theme to my blogs this month, that is because is it race season for runners.

Typically a race is a competition to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, but sometimes it’s just more fun if there are obstacles in the way.

Even if you haven’t tried it yourself, you have probably seen on social media, pictures of your friends covered in mud, wearing orange headbands? The official uniform of those having completed a Tough Mudder.

These 5, 10 or 15Km routes with up to 30 obstacles, including mud pits, electric shocks and vertical walls sound fun don’t they!

The joy of the obstacle course races is they range from a family friendly 2.5km inflatable course to the extreme, if you fancy a 70+hr race, with physical and mental challenges alongside an inhumane number of burpees, the Spartan Death Race in Vermont, USA is for you.

There are three main categories of race to choose from 

Mud races

Mud, obstacles to physically challenge your strength and dexterity, and a good distance of actual running. I did one myself in 2014. It was both terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure!! 

Inflatable courses

Shorter distances, less strenuous obstacles and far less running. All about the fun and suitable for everyone even if you wouldn’t class yourself as a runner. These are all about the fun and not the running!

Colour runs

Generally a short distance, with music, fun obstacles and colour stations with enough powdered colour to turn you into a magical unicorn.

Here's the proof that I once did a mud run/obstacle course! 

All of these events usually have photographers along the route but what do you do with a picture of yourself covered head to toe in mud, being hauled over a wall by your team mates (or in fact people who were strangers mere minutes ago) or the sheer elation at the finish line?

We have the perfect answer, our photo frames can be engraved with the event date, names or whatever you chose making it the perfect way to display a moment that should not be forgotten.

In fact any item that comes from Hugo's Workshop can be lovingly personalised with a message or an inspring quote! Why stop at photo frames, why not do the very same for things such as our medal displays or our chopping boards? Nothing like a food feast to celebrate a win!

You could even add someone's very own handwriting to your piece as well if it seemed right. 

More and more runners are signing up for these events and across the UK there are dozens of obstacle course races with something for everyone. If you haven’t given it a go yet, why not round up some friends, get your trainers on and try something new this summer.

Posted on April 25th 2022

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