Time to start getting organised for Christmas!

Just having a look at my calendar and having a mini panic. My cut off date for orders is 7th December and that is just around the corner!

 It made me realise how quickly it is creeping up on us! 

I have got so much stuff to do. I need to book a visit to Father Christmas, make sure I have all the dates for the school nativity and Christmas fairs and all the other lovely fun activities which are great but that take a lot of organising.   

 I’ve also started to think about all the people that I have on my Christmas list and all the presents that I need to get for them and then all the wrapping I need to do. 

I thought it might help you out if I wrote a blog post on how I can help you with your shopping list. 

Hugo’s Workshop started out making engraved photo frames but recently I have broadened my offering so much, you may not realise how many presents you can tick off your gift list at my online shop. Read on to find out who you can buy for at Hugo’s Workshop, the one stop shop for all the family!


Kids get so many toys at Christmas, usually plastic and often only played with for a short while before they get left at the bottom of the toy box. 

Something different for them which can be used daily and is not plastic are Hugo’s Workshop Egg & Soldiers boards. Made from upcycled solid oak kitchen worktops, these are a sustainable and gorgeous alternative to brightly coloured plastic which will last for years, not just for Christmas! 

Wooden Boiled Egg serving board


Traditional gifts for grandparents are the latest school photos of their precious grandkids. 

Why not give them this present but with a twist? Get the children to write a lovely message and have it engraved into a quality British made solid oak photo frame? 

Capturing the child’s handwriting on a frame which displays a photo of exactly what they looked like at the time of writing are a beautiful time capsule that you can keep on display forever. 

I recently created a frame which was surrounded by the engraved signatures of all the grandchildren in the family and displayed the most gorgeous photo of the kids and their proud Grandma and Grandad. The recipients’ really loved it and it’s not hard to see why.

My latest product is was born out of a gift that I made for my parents. My son drew a lovely picture of himself, his brother and my mum and dad and I thought it would be so nice to make it into something that they could keep up forever without fear of it getting damaged, or starting to look tatty. So I engraved it into a gorgeous piece of oak and attached fixings to the back so it could be easily hung. We presented it to my parents who were totally over the moon with this totally unique gift. I’ve decided to add this to my range as it really makes a wonderful present for grandparents. 

These have not quite made it to the website yet but as soon as they have been added I will let you know. In the meantime if you want to order one just drop me a line at rebecca@hugosworkshop.co.uk 

Sporty Types 

There is a real craze for health and fitness these days which I think is great! People are signing up to all kinds of races and challenges and they want to display mementoes of those days. I should know – I am one of those people signing up to every race going! 

I have a whole heap of medals which I love to have up on display. My engraved wooden medal hangers are actually my most popular item. They can be personalised to say anything you like on them. Most people choose the recipient’s name with a motivational phrase underneath. Others get their children’s handwriting engraved onto the hanger which creates a stunning unique present for sporty mums and dads. 

Another option is an engraved photo and medal display kit for if the person has completed a particularly special event. You choose what is to be engraved on the frame and you are sent the frame, and everything you need to mount your photo and medal. 

I have made myself one for when I completed the London Marathon in 2017 as that was one of the proudest days of my life! 

Foodie Friend

For your cooking enthusiast, our personalised engraved chopping boards are the perfect choice. You can choose to have their name engraved or a special message. The cheese pun boards are really popular and perfect for serving that Christmas cheese board on.

Of course you can also opt to have your handwritten message engraved onto the board too. 

The DIY Enthusiast 

For the one in your life who can fix anything or who has a good go, these engraved hammers are a great idea. I was sent a photo of a hammer which was loved so much by the recipient that he refused to use it and instead mounted it in his garage, pride of place! 

The Organised One! 

If you know someone who is super organised, then they will love this stunning engraved oak cork notice board where they can pin up all the important papers in their life. You can choose a fun message to be engraved on the oak surround and they will think of you every time they see it and know who to thank when their life is going like clockwork because they are so organised.

The Gin Lover

For your fabulous friend who just adores their gin, what could be more fun than a dedicated mini chopping board for preparing the garnishes for the perfect G&T. Made from solid oak, these boards are engraved with your personal message. You could also have one made with your own handwriting. 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog …… now I’m off to write my own shopping list! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Drop me a line at rebecca@hugosworkshop.co.uk

Posted on September 26th 2018

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