Time is precious....

Every Summer I say the same things to myself and my Husband, they sound like this:

  • 6 weeks!
  • Did you book that time off???
  • Wow, that went quickly...

The truth is, I know it's looming but it seems to just creep up on me and before I know it the Summer has been and gone.

If you're like me, as a parent I want to capture every moment I can with my littles and that often involves snapping them multiple times a day when we're out on an adventure.

This gets me wondering though, do I actually live in the moment?

The holidays consist of copious amounts of juggling. 

Work, dinner times, seeing family and friends, days out, the family holiday and everything else inbetween. I make sure I fit in as many adventures as possible with plenty of time for us all to relax and enjoy each others company.

I can often be found behind the camera taking shots of us all in those moments because I think it's so important to make sure we've captured those memories (even if it's just to use as an embarrassment tool on their 18th birthday!).

Then, once we've seen the pics, I send them to family and friends so they can see how the boys have grown and still feel like they're an active part in our lives. Of course they are very much involved in our lives but over the last couple of years it's proven difficult to visit our loved ones and so, all of those pictures I take and the memories I've captured somehow mean so much more to us all. 

But this gets me thinking.

There I am, making sure the memory books are full but - do I live in that moment too? Am I actually present.

That sounds odd I know but it's so easy to see life through the lens. To forget that you too need to be a part of those memories and whilst you're participating and you're all having fun together, do those photos you've taken reflect that?

Time is precious.

People say don't waste it but whilst I agree, everyone has a different idea of what that might mean. I think that if you've used time in the best way then you've not wasted it.

If you can say that you did your best, you had some fun and that along the way you learnt something when things didn't go quite to plan - nothing has been wasted. That's my opinion anyway.

Some days you feel a little lazy (I know I get those days!), my answer to those is a movie with some snacks we can all share. Everyone's cosy on the sofa and we're together. I love those magic times where nothing much is happening but at the same time everything is happening!

Laughter, love and happiness all mixed in together in such a simple setting.

That to me is beautiful.

On reflection, I know that I am present in those moments. Sometimes I'm behind the lens and sometimes I'm in front of it - it's whatever is needed in that very moment.

I make sure to capture our family treasures but I also cement them. 

Using my boys handwriting to engrave onto photo frames and sending the finished pieces out to much loved family and friends is something I love to do.

It fills me with a sense of pride and passes on some of that joy I feel to the recipients when they receive their gift. I don't stop there though! Their handwriting is not only captured onto photo frames but on coasters, boards, medal displays and so much more and you can make this possible too with my help.

So, if you're like me and you love to capture the moment whilst living in it, take a look at Hugo's website and have a look at the engraving option - there's something for everyone.

Remember - yes, time is precious but so are we. So if you find yourself getting caught up in the chaos, take a breather and refocus. There are plenty of magical moments for you to capture and cement. 

Posted on August 9th 2021

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