Autumn is looming...

And just like that, the Summer holidays are almost behind us and it's the start of another school year.

I know that some parents will be delighted that their littles will be going back soon, others will be really sad that this time has come around again so quickly.

There's no right or wrong is there. We're all different, we all have our own individual set of circumstances to consider. 

The Summer holidays for us parents are such a strange time filled with so many different emotions and feelings, one minute it's all good and the next it can come crashing down.

Some of us will be cautious about this return because our littles will be starting the next stage of their journey. Those first days at school can be so consuming and as much as we prepare, none of us can be fully prepared for the fight that is - the school run!

With that said, it's a glorious time and should be celebrated. Many of my friends have casts of their childs hand from the first day of school and of course that all important first photograph of them in their school uniform. They look so tiny and clean. Then they come out of school looking like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards! 

September in England is not only the return of the schools but around the 20th we enter the beautiful season of Autumn.

I love Autumn. It's the transition season between summer and winter, we start to notice it creep in by the leaves changing colour and the harvest.

Vibrant reds, oranges and yellow hues adorn the trees and during the season they slowly drop to the ground. I don't know about you but as a child, and even now, I love to see a blanket of crisp leaves on the ground around me. The crunch underneath my feet - it's lovely.

The sunshine seems watery but bright as it peers through the branches of the once lushious green trees and as the days become shorter, I love nothing more than being cosy at home surrounded by the ones I love.

There are certain smells too associated with Autumn. Those crackling leaves have a gorgeous woody smell, bonfires, hay in the fields, hot dogs and wet dog after a good old muddy walk! 

We also start to cook more wholesome foods don't we. Stews and casseroles with their lovely array of colours, apple pie with cinnamon (and lashings of thick glorious custard!) and let's not forget the pumpkin!

Let's also not be shy about a good breakfast! Boiled eggs and soldiers are a firm favourite amongst my family and friends and Hugo's Workshop has the perfect accompaniment with our egg boards. These can be used to encourage your littles into having a good breakfast before their day starts, you can even personalise them to make it fun! 

Whether this Autumn brings you leaves crackling under your feet while you go on your soggy dog walk, get togethers around a bonfire with loved ones or the first day of school for your little; make sure to celebrate those ocassions in any way you can and capture your beautiful memories forever in whatever way suits you best.

Posted on August 28th 2021

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