Thank you Teacher!

As we approach then end of the school year, there's always that question isn't there....what do we get the Teacher?!

Many of us want to say thanks and to show some form of appreciation to the superheroes that are your child’s Teachers.

They have of course looked after our little poppets and guided them through not only their education for this year but to some extent they've helped to guide them through this on-going pandemic even through their own uncertainty and fears.

I think every Teacher or Teaching Assistant helps our children to grow, to be the best version of themselves and ultimately they leave an imprint on your child’s heart.

Deciding what to get the Teacher is a huge decision in many households. You want to make sure they feel appreciated and thank them for doing their best for your little superstar.

This is where Hugo's Workshop can help!

Not only do we have a good selection of personalised gifts that'll warm any heart, we have the ideal gift for your child's amazing Teacher...

*drum roll please*

Our personalised chopping board engraved with all of the names of the children in that class! What’s more, we can engrave each child’s unique handwriting!

The process couldn't be easier either plus there's no need for you to run around like a headless chicken at the last minute. I'll take care of almost everything.

All you’d need to do is arrange for someone to collect all of the invidual names on a blank piece of paper, take a picture and send it to us via WhatsApp. Then I'll send you a digital preview within a couple of days!

These beauties can be ordered via my website here or you can message me directly to order them! 

When you receive the digital preview, let me know what you think.

Would you like any of it to be made bigger or smaller? Do you want it moved to the left, or the right or centered? Just let me know and I will make the changes you require. It is my mission to get the final product exactly as you imagined it (or better!). 

Once you have approved the design, I will engrave it, sand it down and then lovingly oil or varnish it to bring out the the beauty of the grain of the wood and of course the gorgeous design. 

So, now you know how easy peazy it is - what are you waiting for?

Posted on June 10th 2021

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