Surprise & delight someone in your life: Send them a letterbox gift!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we recently had a massive change in direction (if you haven’t already heard about this, you can read all about that, here). Coronavirus brought us all a massive curve-ball, as lockdown and self-isolation meant so many of us were suddenly stuck at home 24/7.

And what many people are missing is the human interaction. The ability to hug people and generally socialise with our nearest and dearest.

But needs must, and our top priority has to be keeping our loved ones safe, whilst we protect our wonderful NHS and other key workers.

One of the interesting things about this whole experience is how people are adapting. Little letterbox-friendly gifts are being sent out, to cheer others up and remind them that they’re being thought of and loved - and I think that’s really beautiful!

Hugs in the post

And that’s what letterbox gifts are all about. Lockdown is preventing us all from popping around a friend or loved ones house, to give them a hug. Sending cute or motivational letterbox-sized gifts is like sending them a hug in the post - and it’s reminding people they’re not alone.

Older relatives in particular, are struggling with the limitations of lockdown. It can be really lonely, having just yourself for company, especially if you can’t get out to see your children and grandchildren. All of our letterbox gifts can be personalised, and receiving a gift with a grandchild’s handwritten message is sure to brighten up any grandparents day.


Who doesn’t love a surprise? There’s something really special, about receiving a lovely surprise gift in the post. It reminds people they’re cherished by someone and never alone, even if it may feel that everyone else is so far away at the moment.

It’s about spreading a little happiness far and wide - and not just in that moment, but for a lot of moments to come. Whether you send our coasters or mini chopping boards, hanging signs or mobile phone holders, a letterbox gift ensures the happiness is felt, whenever the gift is used.

Giving is good for your health!

Let’s not forget the power of giving - it’s so good for your health and mental wellbeing! As an adult and parent, there’s a real sense of joy, in both receiving gifts and sending them to others. It ramps up those feel-good hormones and that happiness is contagious to everyone around you.

Our lovely postmen and women are doing us proud

And none of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for our lovely postmen and women. They’re one of the essential key workers who are working hard to ensure we retain some semblance of normality during this weird period of time. I know I for one, am grateful that I’m able to create and send these gifts that are keeping spirits up and spreading a little happiness in an otherwise difficult time.

You can find out more about our letterbox gifts here on my website. Simply click here to see all the info and to browse our small but mighty collection of postable happy gifts!

Posted on May 1st 2020

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