So what’s your favourite gin?

Hugo's Workshop is delighted to welcome Christian Azolan, Co-founder of G&T Club to our Ginuary Celebrations. 

Read on for his thoughts on chosing a favourite gin.

If I had a pound for the amount of times I have been asked this question, I would be a millionaire, in fact I should start charging!

As the co-founder of the G&T Club, I get asked this question a lot, part of my job is to taste different gins and when you are in the process of launching a gin and tonic based business you have to try all different types of gin and a lot of it (I know I can hear you're feeling sorry for me lol!) 

I’ve tried sloe gins, big branded commercial gins, small batch gin, flavoured gin, pink gins, dry gins, London gins, Plymouth gins, new wave gins, navy strength gin, Genever gin, old tom gin and even grape-based gins. So I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt I don’t have a favourite because the fun of gin is in the tasting and discovering a new gin is pure joy plus experimenting with different tonics and cocktails is even more fun. Gin to me is the gift that keeps on giving.

The choice is endless, the UK has over 315 gin distilleries and you can buy over 300 different types of tonic, so why would I settle before I have tried everything. I believe no serious gin drinker should.

I have one rule, I will pick a favorite gin when I have tried all the gins in the world.

So I guess that answers your question.


Ok, ok I will not let you walk away empty handed.

The most recent gin I tried recently that I really like is called Roku.

It contains 6 botanicals collected over the four seasons in Japan, the bottle is also very beautiful. The gin is divine and very easy to drink with a fever tree Indian tonic water.

Trust me when I say its a great gin.

Happy Ginuary everyone!

(I say this while obviously holding a glass of gin and tonic in my hand, let's just call it market research!)

Christian Azolan 

Co-founder G&T Club

Instagram @gandtclub

Posted on January 11th 2019

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