Making – and keeping – summer memories

Whether you’re a trigger-happy snapper, with albums full of summer holiday photos, or a picture-perfect paparazzi who captures the calm between bouts of bickering, we all love to recall our most special memories for years to come.

But what happens when you can’t remember the details of those memories? Or when the parks, beaches, and back gardens all blend into one? Worry not! My personalised photo frames are the perfect way to keep your special moments front of mind, and give those who weren’t present a glimpse of the joy you felt in that time.

So, why buy your frames from me as opposed to a giant online retailer?

Aside from supporting a small business owner, you will be the proud owner of a high-quality, high-spec product, which has been personalised with your own bespoke message and/or handwriting. You can’t get much more personal than that.

Here’s what I have on offer:

Single Photo Frames - £27

If you could write on your photos, without ruining them, what would your message say? Well, thanks to my personalised engraving service, you can add a special message to your frame. Dates, locations, names – they can all be added, so that you never forget exactly where that sandcastle was built or that picnic was enjoyed.

Is everyone in the picture laughing at a particular joke? Why not get your frame personalized with a quote from the day! Adding words to your photos can make those moments last forever.

Double Photo Frames- £47

How many times this summer will a relative exclaim to your child, “Oh my! Haven’t you grown?”. As parents, we’d be surprised if they didn’t but - of course – aunts, uncles, and grandparents, who see them only a few times a year, can easily be stunned by the rate at which our youngsters change.

A personalized double frame makes a beautiful gift for doting relatives so they can remember the little ones as they were or be reminded of them as they are. If you are visiting family this summer why not arrive with a double frame gift you know that they will treasure?

Idea: For any parents with children starting high school in September, why not put a first day of Primary School photo in one side, and a first day of Secondary School in the other?

Triple Photo Frames - £60

People, places, pets, and panoramas – if your photography skills mean that you have plenty of beautiful pictures to choose from, I have the solution. My triple frames make it easy for you to display all of the snaps that you love and they, too, can be personalised with names, dates, places, and more!

Keep everyone happy by including them all in the summer holiday photo display, and still have a beautiful bespoke frame to brighten your living room when autumn comes.

How To Order

Order from our website now to get your bespoke frames this summer.

Posted on August 4th 2022

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