Lockdown One Year On - What is There To Celebrate?

As we passed the one-year anniversary of lockdown this week, it got me thinking about what we can learn from going through the pandemic. My business, by its very nature, is built on celebrating occasions and while this week was not a cause for celebration, it was an anniversary that holds a lot of meaning in a different way. 

Here are some things I want to remember:

#1: Being with others is vital to happiness
Parents with school age children will know how much the kids missed playing with friends at school more than anything. And while I’m grateful that I've kept up with family, friends and customers on Facebook and Zoom, these aren’t really the same as seeing people in-person are they?

#2: Time is precious 
We can't rush around as much as usual and it gives us chance to take a forced slow down to our hectic lifestyles.

#3: Recognition of those who keep us safe 
Health care workers, carers, food suppliers and delivery people have kept us safe and supplied with everything we need. Before the pandemic, most of us probably didn’t think twice about the people doing these jobs.

#4: We need less than we think
Food and good health are much more important than having a manicure or getting our hair done (although I'm looking forward to both of these perks soon!) 

#5: Gratitude matters
Being grateful and appreciating what we already have is a fabulous lesson to learn. 

I'd like to extend a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has joined my mailing list, stayed on my mailing list, followed me on social media, liked and commented on my posts, recommended me to friends, placed orders with me and left lovely reviews online. THANK YOU for your part in supporting me, my business and ultimately my family.   

Rebecca x

Posted on March 25th 2021

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