Jeremy is on cloud Vine with OUR chopping board!

Guys, I’m not usually one to name drop but this is too good an opportunity to miss! As my Facebook followers may have already seen, the iconic Radio 2 and Channel 5 presenter Jeremy Vine visited my stall at a really cool event, Pub in the Park, in Chiswick organised by the celebrity chef Tom Kerridge.

He interviewed me for his Facebook page and as we chatted (he’s a thoroughly nice man btw), what caught his attention was a sign that said all my products are made in Maidenhead. “That’s Theresa May’s constituency isn’t it?”. I confirmed that Mrs May is indeed my local MP and I told him all about a solid oak chopping board that I’d made for her.

As a member of her constituency, I’d wanted to gift it to Theresa and had carefully inscribed it with her full official title and the initials VIP… Very Important Preparation. Unfortunately for her, I’d been unable to get her the board before she resigned from her job and was out of No.10!! So there it was, this solid oak chopping board, sitting on the bench in my workshop not knowing it was destined for the social media attention that it was about to achieve!

Jeremy of course was highly amused by its story and insisted on snapping it up there and then for himself. He has since so very kindly made me not one but TWO videos featuring the chopping board and shared them on his own Facebook page, getting lots of new interest in my chopping boards, which are already a best-seller!

So, although Theresa may not have the chopping board (excuse the puns), we know Jeremy is going to enjoy Vine Dining in his kitchen. Thanks Jeremy!

Click on Jeremy to watch the video!

What would you engrave on one of our chopping boards for yourself or a loved one? We’ve made boards for all occasions and for many uses, including, serving cheese, bread boards, even a gin and tonic lemon slice board… The only limit is your imagination and humour!

Once you have placed your order, within 2 working days, you will be sent a digital preview of the design for your approval. Once approved, your chopping board will be put into production.

Made from upcycled oak kitchen worktops and available in Large (40cm x 30cm x 4cm - £50) and Small (30cm x 20cm x 4cm - £30). Boards are lovingly coated in 2 layers of white mineral oil before they are sent out. The oil enhances the natural beauty of the oak and adds protection. Included with every order is a 30ml bottle of white mineral oil.  

Posted on September 26th 2019

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