It's wedding season!

During the summer months wedding bells chime for many!

Blushing Brides and Dashing Grooms have spent months, maybe years planning their special day.

The guest list is confirmed, the menu looks amazing (note to self: do not appear piggish and scoff too much!), you've found the perfect outfit and you're really looking forward to sharing the couple's dream day!

Oh no've still not decided on the perfect wedding gift!! You've looked everywhere, spent what feels like a decade on going back and forward with ideas and pros and cons and still, you haven't picked out their gift. 

It's a huge thing really, getting this right. So much pressure! Some Brides and Grooms will have a list set-up for this purpose and you can order straight from their request list but others...not so much. Or maybe you've already ordered something from their wish list but you want to give them something else. Something special, something unique that says you've thought about it. You've thought about them.

Well - look no further! 

You should all know by now that Hugo's Workshop has an array of beautiful and personalised gifts, ideal for any lucky recipient. They're all made to order, can be customised and have bags of personality!

Engraving a special message onto one of my items is easy (well not so much for me but it's easy enough for you!), I've ensured this process is as quick and as painless as it can be. On some items I've even got a drop down menu where you can select a pre-filled option if you've ran out of creative juices. 

For those of you that want to make a bespoke gift with a special message, you just need to head to my Engraved Wedding gifts page on my website. There, you'll find many beautiful products that should suit this very big task!

From chopping boards to photo frames there really is something to please everybody. If you've really no idea what to get them then you can purchase one of my gift vouchers instead. These can include a personalised message for the happy couple and they can then be used to buy an item of their choice. 

All of our gifts really are hand made to order so you can be sure that I've put love and care into each and every item that comes out of my workshop. 

Ordering couldn't be easier and with a digital preview of your bespoke order, you'll be able to see the product before it's sent out to you!

If you do have any questions you can always take a look at the FAQ page on my website where you'll find some more information on ordering, fonts, engraving handwriting and of course how to take care of the items once they've been received. 

There's no need for you to sit and worry about buying the perfect gift any longer - head over to my website and have a browse through. Once you've placed your order everything else is taken care of by me so all you need to do is sit back and relax - cue that G&T!

Posted on June 28th 2021

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