How to pick the perfect present for Father’s Day

With less than a month until Father’s Day, it’s time to pick the perfect presents to make the dads in your life feel appreciated. I’ve pulled together a quick guide to choosing the right gift, depending on which personality your dad fits best: The Chef, The Photographer, The Sportsman and The Tricky One.

The Chef

For the dads who feel most at home in the kitchen, my handcrafted oak chopping boards are perfect for slicing freshly-baked bread, chopping vegetables, and serving cheese. Not only are they sturdy and reliable, but they add to the pleasure of preparing a home-cooked meal.

What’s more, as well as being incredibly Instagram-able, my chopping boards can be personalised with a unique message or your children’s handwriting, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to Dad’s face.

Environmentally friendly, hygienic, and easy to clean, each board is lovingly treated with at least two coats of oil and arrives to you complete with a 30ml bottle of my White Mineral Oil so that you can continue caring for it at home.

Prices start from £12

The Photographer

Remember when we used to take our photos to be printed at the shops, before lovingly framing them and placing them on display? I still believe that the photos we choose to print deserve the best treatment.

So, for dads who love photography, my personalised engraved frames are the perfect Father’s Day gift. Let him choose which snap he treasures most, or pre-frame a moment in time for him to unwrap.

You can add names, dates, places, and events to add the personal touch to your oak frame and make it extra special.

Our frames are available in portrait or landscape and can be free standing or hung. The frame profile is 32mm of chunky oak and all frames are fitted with 2mm of glass.

Prices start from £27

The Sportsman

Some dads are sporting superheroes, with enough medals to decorate a small army. My solid oak medal hanger is the perfect way to give medals pride of place at home. Plus, they can be personalised with engravings on the front and/or back.

You can choose from two sizes, with either one or two rows of hooks.

Prices start from £27

The Tricky One

Some dads are nearly impossible to buy for but – don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! If you’re not to sure how to pamper your pa for Father’s Day, look no further. Simply buy him some vouchers, and he can pick the perfect present for himself.

Posted on June 7th 2022

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