How to get organised during lockdown

Lockdown and self-isolation has got us all going a little stir crazy. Spending so much time at home often highlights those things that drive us nuts about our house - it’s why so many fellas are getting on with DIY jobs at the moment! We all want to get a little more organised and tidy in our home environment.

But mandatory lockdown can leave us all a little grumpy, too.

As Good Housekeeping mention in their article How to keep your home organised during self-isolation,

QUOTE: There’s not a huge amount we can control in regards to coronavirus, but one thing we can do to make our lives as comfortable as possible is keep our home spaces clean and tidy.

And that’s probably why so many of us are in spring clean mode! So if you’re looking to get organised during the lockdown and self-isolation, here’s 5 tips that will help.

#1: Sort out your stash of photos

We’re all guilty of hiding photos away and often have a box in the loft or under the stairs, full to the brim of quality snaps. Regardless of whether they’re holiday photos or baby snaps, those photos have great memories attached - so it’s time to get them organised. So why not display them, in gorgeous oak photo frames? Use them to remind you of the good times you’ve had, as well as the friends, family and fun you're going to have once lockdown is over.

#2: Organise your bling

Us women are like magpies when it comes to jewellery - if it’s shiny and cute, we love to collect it! But jewellery can often get tangled and forgotten about, at the bottom of a jewellery box - especially necklaces and bracelets. It’s why I created a gorgeous handcrafted jewellery organiser. It’s perfect for displaying your beautiful accessories, and stops them from getting tangled up. Oh, and you can even hang scarfs from it, if you’d rather!

#3: Display what you love

If you’ve heard of Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ method of tidying, you’ll know it’s all about keeping things that bring you joy. And what better way to appreciate those things - than to display the things you love. This is where medal display hangers, photo frames and inspirational hanging signs all come into their own.

#4: Celebrate your hard work

Finally, once you’ve finished your spring clean and got your space organised, sit down and have a cheeky gin and tonic - using your own gin & tonic preparation chopping board. And if you want to also donate to a good cause, this limited edition Beta Mummy gin & tonic board is just the trick - as for every one ordered, we will donate £1 to the baby charity, Tommy’s - and a perfect reason to celebrate just a little bit more!

Posted on May 21st 2020

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