Guest Blog - Amanda Ayres - Why should you support a Small Business this Christmas?

At the time of writing this, I am sat at home because my youngest daughter is at home from school unwell.  So many reasons come to mind as to why working for myself matters and why small businesses matter.  There are lots and lots of reasons – like the hockey matches I get to watch or the school plays I get to sit though.  There’s the Christmas carol concerts that put me in the Christmas spirit at this time of year.  There’s the sports day every summer I get to attend. There’s the little girl who is snuggled up in her bed with her mummy downstairs, rather than a nanny looking after her.  There are a million reasons why small businesses matter.  There’s the inspiring women who teaches her children every single day that you can follow a dream.  There’s the parents who are able to put food on the table.  There’s the children who get to take dance lessons. There’s the little boy who gets to play rugby every week.  There are so many personal stories I hear as to why supporting a small business really does matter.

Why should you support a Small Business this Christmas?

1.    Small businesses create products and services that aren’t always driven by trends you see from the big brands.  There are so many wonderful products created by passionate artisans and makers.  You will find unique things, that you won’t find anywhere else.  And they are created by people who are following their dream. 

2.    Being a small business owner is hard graft.  Every small business owner will agree.  You don’t see the late nights and early mornings.  You don’t see the frustration when they don’t make a sale.  You don’t see what it’s like to be Chief of everything when you don’t have the skills, time or money to do it all.  It’s grueling work.  Small business owners work day in and day out to provide their customers with the highest level of products and customer service.   Many of these are women working hard to make a better life for their family. 

3.    When you buy something from a small business owner, you are more than likely supporting a family.  You will contribute to being the reason a mum can stay at home and be there for her children or help a family to keep a roof over their heads.  You’re supporting real people with high ethics.

4.    Many small business owners have products that are hand made with love, commitment and dedication.  These are special things that are not like the plastic junk from China. You can support somebody that makes quality products that they put their heart and soul into.

5.    Small business owners always give back.  They contribute to their communities, through raffle donations, in-kind contributions. You are helping them to pay it forward by supporting them.

Check out a small business this Christmas.  Help them to sell more.  Shout out about them to your friends and family.  Leave them reviews.  Write glowing testimonials.  Share their posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Every little act will help to support them.  I encourage you to buy something from a small business owner rather than make that purchase on Amazon today!

Rebecca from Hugo’s Workshop is part of The Business Girls Network.  It is an online and offline community exclusively for female entrepreneurs.  You can check out another blog post on supporting small business owners here.

There are a million personal stories for why small business matters. Well maybe not a million but there are quite a few! 

On a final note, talking of supporting small businesses.  This weekend it’s Small Business Saturday.  Make sure you definitely support a small business this weekend! I, for one, will be shopping local this weekend! Remember to use the hashtag #SmallBizSatUk and make it happen for small business owners.

Amanda x

Founder of The Business Girls Network

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Posted on November 30th 2018

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