Don't let it sneak up on you!

Father’s Day is sneaking up on us so it’s time to get thinking about what to buy for those fabulous fathers to show just how much they mean.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your own father, or a special something for your children to give to their Daddy, we have the perfect ideas.

Personalisation is the key, nobody wants a generic pair of socks really, do they? So you have come to the right place many of our gifts can be personalised with your child’s handwriting or art work.

Adding handwriting is easy!

  • For children's handwriting, get your child (or children) to write and/or draw their message or pictures on a piece of white paper. Use unlined paper if possible and ideally written with a black pen (these two 'rules' are not essential, I understand that it is not easy to get kids to write and draw on demand!
  • For adult and memorial handwriting, any clear sample of writing you have to hand can work!
  • Take a photo of the writing with your smartphone. It's fine if you send over several photos. I can cut and paste, and stitch things together
  • Either upload your photo/s when you place your online order or respond to your order confirmation email with the photo (or photos) attached. 

You can also add names, dates, places and events, or combine the handwriting with other wording in a font of your choice. 

It’s as easy as that, now all you need to do it chose what you are going to personalise.

Photo Frames

If like most of us your phone is full of photos, why get them printed to be framed. We offer single, double or triple photo frames, the perfect way to display those unforgettable family memories.

Medal Hangers

If Daddy is more of an action man, then take a look at our handwritten medal displays. You can add names, pictures or an inspirational message.

Chopping boards and platters

If Dad fancies himself as a chef (or perhaps he actually is!) then look no further than my boards. Slicing fresh bread or chopping the veg for Sunday dinner, it's so versatile and will look stunning in any kitchen!

Whatever you pick we are sure he will love it, but if you simply can’t choose there is always the option to give him a gift voucher and let him treat himself.

Posted on May 18th 2022

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