Celebrating Random Act of Kindness Day

One crisp sunny Sunday morning in November 2017, I arrived at my stall for day 2 of South Hill Park’s Craft Fair, and I was greeted by very sad and manky looking carrot which I had been using as a prop on my Santa Platter displays. There was no way I could use it so I popped it in my bag to chuck away later. 

After a few hours on the stall, 2 ladies were admiring the platters and one remarked that I needed a carrot. I explained what had happened. She said that there was another stall holder selling ceramic carrots. I said that I had seen them and thought they were really cool but that I had promised myself that I wouldn’t spend any money at the fair or I would end up spending all my profits on the beautiful items for sale. The ladies agreed with me and moved on. 

engraved wood christmas eve plate

Less than 1 hour later one of those ladies came back, thrust a package into my hand and walked off. When I opened the package I found one of those ceramic carrots we had been talking about. She had bought it for me! Out of the kindness of her heart! 
I chased after her and gave her a hug. She told me to make sure that I pay it forward. 

So here I am, publicly promising to pay it forward.

Thank you so much mystery lady. You really made my day!

santa treat platter

Fast forward to 17th February 2018 .... This lovely heartwarming story was chosen to be included in a selection of stories for an article for the Metro newspaper in celebration of Random Act of Kindness Day!

I really hope that the mystery lady sees the story! 


Posted on February 17th 2018

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