Best Buys For BBQ Season

The recent heatwaves have prompted a slew of barbecues, which – let’s face it – often bring with them an element of “Keeping Up With The Joneses”. And we all know that kitchens and bathrooms are the “money pieces” when it comes to showcasing your home.

So, in your mission to make your boozy barbie a little more boujie, you might like to consider investing in a piece de la resistance from my range of boards and platters.

Here’s why:

Let’s face it… barbecues, parties, gatherings, they’re all messy affairs. Whether it’s the children sloshing juice everywhere in their excitement or the more cultured wine connoisseurs leaving red wine rings on the kitchen side, there’s always a lot of cleaning up to be done after.

But, no matter what the occasion, one of my wooden coasters will protect surfaces from pesky stains, plus there are endless possibilities for personalisation with these small, hand-crafted gifts.

Idea: If you’re hosting a small gathering for a momentous occasion, why not mark the event with a party favour? You could have a coaster engraved for each of your guests with the date of the event, so that they have something to cherish long after their hangover wears off. 

Good food demands great drinks to accompany. The humble gin and tonic has made a huge comeback in recent years, but with more online inspiration to add pizazz! So, if you’re into slicing lemons, prepping botanicals, and taking photos for the ‘gram, my mini bamboo chopping board is perfect!

To be honest, it makes a great gift for any occasion at any time of the year. Plus, I can engrave both the front and the back with whatever message you would like.  It’s made from easy-care bamboo, which is hardwearing but gentle on your knives, and with easy-grip slanted edges, it’s easy to use both sides to prepare food. 

Idea: If you love to document your events on socials, the same chopping board can be used for several great photo opportunities:

·       Prep the ingredients for a cocktail and show the result styled out on the board

·       Create a charcuterie board. They’re very Instagram-able if you learn how to make rose out of cured ham

·       I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love a cheese board. Cheese, grapes, chutney – instant social-worthy picture!

My solid oak chopping boards are one of the most versatile items I handcraft at Hugo's Workshop, as they're perfectly thoughtful for both men and women to celebrate absolutely any occasion and suit absolutely any kitchen.  

What’s more exciting, they make the perfect addition to a summer BBQ. Any grill chef worth their salt will tell you that barbecued meat needs time to ‘rest’. My chopping board offers the ideal place for delicious BBQ goodies to rest before being sliced and enjoyed.

Idea: Use your personalised chopping board as the centrepiece for your outdoor dining experience to add casual elegance to your table décor.

How To Order

To order your bespoke gift in time for barbecue, order from the website now.

Or, if your event is coming up quickly, you can always select from a limited range of products on my Amazon shop. Here you can benefit from Prime delivery. 

Posted on July 31st 2022

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