Bespoke Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples

It can be tricky business hunting down the perfect anniversary present for a special couple. However, with our range of made-to-order gifts with personality we can help to make the job a little easier.

Here are a few ideas for key wedding anniversaries, so you can help the happy couple celebrate in style.

1st Wedding Anniversary - Paper

A first wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion, marking the first full year as a married pair. Traditionally, paper gifts are given for a first anniversary. This is because threads within paper, made using old-fashioned methods, were said to symbolize the growing strength and connectivity of a couple’s relationship. Equally, blank paper represents a clean slate, which references a new life together, united in marriage.

If you’re looking for the perfect first wedding anniversary gift for a partner or special couple, you could frame a photo, wedding certificate, poem, or quote. Fortunately, our wooden photo frames are perfect for the job and can be personalised with bespoke messages, or handwriting samples. We have single, double, and triple frames on offer, ideal if you can’t decide between your favourite photos and/or proses.

5th Wedding Anniversary – Wood

A wooden gift is usually given for a 5th wedding anniversary. Trees are often celebrated as symbols of wisdom and strength, two qualities a happy marriage of five years might boast. Specifically, oak trees have long been hailed as nature’s salute to endurance, as they are often able to weather storms and other environmental hardships.

Our solid oak chopping boards are a beautiful addition to any home and kitchen and would be a welcome gift for any duo celebrating five years of matrimony. Sturdy and reliable, this oak chopping board makes preparing delicious, nutritious meals for the whole family extra easy and enjoyable. Available in two different sizes, our handcrafted oak chopping boards are one of the most versatile gifts in our range.

25th Wedding Anniversary - Silver

Many couples joke that reaching the milestone of a silver wedding anniversary is equivalent to serving life in prison. But why give silver gifts for this occasion? In Roman times, husbands would place a silver wreath upon their wives’ heads to mark 25 years of marriage as a momentous event. Since then, silver presents have been given to celebrate marriages lasting a quarter of a century. Silver also represents calm harmony, which is reflective of the calm and balanced state that many couples reach by this point in their marriage.

Our medal hangers make the perfect personalised present. You can order one engraved with your own bespoke message, perhaps as a reminder of the obstacles the couple has overcome not only throughout their relationship, but through sporting achievements and more.

These are just a few ideas from our wide range of personalised, wooden, and plastic-free gifts, but you can find more products on our website. All our presents are high quality, and designed to become heirlooms for future generations when the time comes.

Posted on July 7th 2022

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