Back 2 School: Precious Memories

The kids are well and truly settled into the new school year now.

If yours are anything like mine, they’ve no doubt already acquired scuffs on their shoes, stains on their shirts, and missing at least one plimsole from their PE kit.

I can also make a fairly certain bet that those lovely first day of school photos you took and shared on socials, still haven’t been printed out and framed as per tradition?

No worries! This is your reminder to get those snaps sent off to the printers and here are my top ideas for creating a super-personal display of affection at home:

First Day At A New School

Whether your child is off to their first day at nursery, primary school, or high school, it deserves to be commemorated. As parents, it’s easy to spot the apprehension behind the well of pride and toothy smile, and first day photos act as great reminders that we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think.

Here’s a thought: Use my single frames to make your first day photos stand out from the crowd as they are special in their own right. Or, use my double or triple frames to quickly and easily see how much your child grew between each new school.

Into The Swing Of It

There are so many milestones to capture during school days: first visit from the tooth fairy, first sleepover, first graded piece of work… From gappy but happy smiles, to works of art and more, there are so many moments to capture and memories to cherish during school years. Take joy in snapping away and – while most might not make it to the mantelpiece – have the most special images printed to add to your collection.

Here’s a thought: At the end of each school year, look back through your pictures with your child and choose your favourite memory to be printed and framed. Don’t forget, you can have your child’s handwriting engraved on the frame to make it extra special and totally unique.

End Of An Era

All good things come to an end and despite protests from school-goers, we all know they will one day look back with fond memories and a longing to relive their school years. The last day of a school is always one wrought with excitement for the school holidays, sadness at leaving friends behind, and anxiety of whatever is next.

Here’s a thought: Use one of my triple frames to create a lasting memory of the last day of nursery, primary school, high school, and/or college or university. You could even take a sample of your child’s handwriting at the end of each era and have it engraved onto each section of the frame. That way, you can watch your child’s handwriting grow and develop as they do.

Posted on September 27th 2022

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