A Change of Direction with Letterbox Gifts

Last week, I made a huge business decision that would later prove to be misguided. Feeling that I could never expect postal workers to deliver my non-essential products during a global health crisis, I thought it would be necessary to pull the shutters up on Hugo's Workshop and temporarily close the business. 

This was a heartbreaking call—but one I made while still trusting that the government would provide the right kind of support and financial security for independent traders like myself.

Then, of course, the chancellor made his announcement and it turns out that our household—along with the thousands of other families across the country—would fall through the safety net of his proposal for the self-employed. In order to maintain an income and support my family, then, I would need to reopen the workshop.

Now, we're obviously going to need to get a bit creative with how we continue operations at Hugo's Workshop. To minimize the risk to the postal service, we're going to stop delivering all of my large chopping boards, as I would need to physically travel to the Post Office to get them sent off. Which is a big no in the current climate. 

What we need are products small enough to post through a letterbox, to avoid unnecessary human interaction. So, while the majority of the products featured on my online store can be hand delivered—from personalised photo frames to jewellery organisers—I felt a nice change of direction would be to focus on a range of miniature gifts designed specifically for postbox delivery.

And, with that, Letterbox Gifts were born.


The government's new stay-at-home measures are having a huge effect on households all across the country. While everyone is doing their best to adjust to these drastic life-changes, I'd like to give my customers the chance to spread a much-needed dose of happiness to those closest to them. Who suddenly feel very far away.

We want to brighten up the morning of that grandparent in self-isolation, with a handmade sign or drinks coaster—personalised with the handwriting of their favourite grandchild. 

We're all looking for little nuggets of positivity in these challenging times. It's amazing how many people have taken up running in the last fortnight, now that we've been rationed to one piece of outdoor activity per day. And we've got just the thing for the young mother who's suddenly morphed into the next Paula Radcliffe: some running-themed solid oak engraved rope hanging signs

People are spending more time in the kitchen, too; cooking up storms—and a few disasters, I'd imagine. Whatever the culinary expertise, we've got some great mini bamboo chopping boards for the newly-awakened chef.

While we might not be able to celebrate those birthdays and special occasions in person right now, that doesn't mean we can't mark the event with thoughtful, letterbox-sized gifts.

I'm so grateful for all the positive messages in light of my dramatic u-turn on the future of Hugo's Workshop. It's really been a heart-wrenching scenario—as it has for so many businesses and families across the UK—and not a decision I would've otherwise made lightly. I hope you will join me on this new change of direction. 

Let me finish by sending all my thoughts and love to you and your families during this very difficult time and to those incredibly dedicated NHS staff and key workers who've been selflessly putting themselves on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been truly inspirational.

Stay safe, everyone.

Posted on April 9th 2020

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