5 Ways to Make Valentines Special During Lockdown...

This is certainly going to be one very unusual Valentine’s Day but with a little bit of creative thinking, 2021’s celebration of love can definitely still be one to remember! 

In some ways the pressure is off. No-one is expecting you to nab a table at an overpriced and over-busy restaurant, find a babysitter or go out in wintery weather.

But in other ways the pressure is most definitely on…How do you show that you have put plenty of thought and effort into making your partner feel loved and appreciated when you’ve been sat at home together for so long?

Here are some of my ideas for you:

#1: Serve breakfast in bed

The great news is that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there’s absolutely no rush to get out from under the covers for your Zoom meetings or battle yet another day of home-schooling! 

Earn your romantic points right from the start of the day by serving dippy eggs and soldiers in bed just how your other half likes them. My personalised engraved Egg & Soldier boards aren’t just for kids or Easter – they make a ‘cracking’ gift for your Valentine! 

To start your day in this eggs-tra special way – personalise yours here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/egg-and-soldiers-board

#2: Make cocktails at home

If you can’t get to the cocktail bar, bring the cocktail bar to you! Create a home-bar experience with some classy spirits and mix them up using one of my engraved ‘cocktail creation station’ boards: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop/details/gin-and-tonic-chopping-board

I’ve also seen virtual wine tasting events and cocktail masterclasses available which look like a lot of fun, or even letterbox cocktail kits if you don’t want to be left with a house full of booze (or a hangover) afterwards.

#3: Take a trip down memory lane

When was the last time you looked through your old photos? Do you even know where they all are? Why not create a photo book of all your favourite memories and milestones? If you don’t know where to start, there are specialist online services that will take all your digital files and do it for you for a small fee! 

Another way to enjoy your photos is to print a few out and display them in one of my personalised engraved frames – available in single, double and triple options. The best part about giving a photo in a personalised oak frame is it becomes a tangible memory for us - something our kids, relatives and friends can touch and look closely at. It’s on the wall, it’s on the desk, it’s on the dresser.

If you’ve got pet names for each other that you don’t want everyone to know, or something private you’d like to say, I give you the option to add a hidden message on the back – for your eyes only! Shh!

#4. Host a kitchen dinner date

Recreate the ambience of a restaurant in your own kitchen with some low lights and maybe a candle or two. There are quite a few options for a home-based dinner date depending on your time and budget – you could always order a local takeaway, but to take it a step further you can arrange a specialised meal delivery service (companies such as Mindful Chef are doing chef-curated Valentine’s offers). 

Better still, enjoy cooking your own meal together from scratch. Make it more personal with one of my engraved chopping boards with names and messages of your choice. 

#5: Get cheesy

Valentines is arguably the most cheesy calendar event of the year so what better way to embrace it than with a set of cheeky cheese serving platters for your late night snacking. Here are some of the favourite messages I’ve seen: 

  • Brie mine
  • We’re gouda together
  • This may sound cheesy, but I think you’re grate
  • Life is cheddar when we’re together 
  • I camembert to be without you
  • Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?
  • Eat cheese and brie happy
  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Miss it, miss out!

You've got until Friday 29th January to get your personalised gift orders in, if you want to get your delivery in time and stay in the good books. 

Tick Valentines off your list today by placing your order here: https://www.hugosworkshop.co.uk/shop 

Posted on January 23rd 2021

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