5 Ideas for dairy free friendly Easter gifts

Close your eyes and think about Easter. What do you see?

The Easter Bunny?


Bank Holidays?

Supermarkets advertising like crazy to promote food for family feasts?!

Or maybe you think about the traditional religious meaning behind Easter.

It goes without saying that Easter means all sorts of things to different people, but here in the UK I’ve noticed a real trend for chocolate. As soon as Christmas is over you can start to see chocolate eggs springing up in the big supermarkets and they are often discounted to encourage you to stock up early. Chocolate eggs are cheap, in ready supply and our kids love them.

But what do you do if you know someone that can’t eat chocolate? What can you buy a dairy intolerant person as an Easter gift?

I’ve had a few people request my personalised egg and soldiers boards so I thought I would share details of these and a few other ideas I’ve picked up from ‘dairy free’ friends that would make great Easter gifts for children.

Dairy free Easter Gift ideas

Dairy free chocolate eggs

I thought I’d start my list with the most obvious Easter alternative: dairy free chocolate eater eggs. These tend to be a bit more expensive than normal chocolate eggs and they can be trickier to get hold of as not all shops sell them. Some of the brands to look out for are ‘Moo’, ‘Plamil’ and even ‘Hotel Chocolat’. Here in Maidenhead you can find some milk free Easter treats in the big Sainsburys in town, Waitrose and also Holland and Barrett. I’ve just spotted that Holland and Barrett have ‘buy one get one half price’ and you can click and collect from their store on Maidenhead High street.

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Bunny

Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg

Make your own dairy free eggs

A cheaper way of finding a dairy free Easter treat is to make your own. If you look in your local Pound shops you’ll find that they sell brightly coloured plastic eggs in big bags so that you can fill them up with whatever you want. If you are doing an Easter Egg hunt in the garden then you could pop some jelly sweets or even raisins inside and kids will have just as much fun looking for them as they would a chocolate egg! The bonus of this is that the children can play with the eggs after the hunt and have fun filling up their own or hiding small things inside them.

An Easter book

Books are always a great gift to give as they can be re-read over time and passed along from one generation to the next. You could find books about Easter, or the Easter bunny or even just about eggs. This lovely book for toddlers and pre-schoolers by Rod Campbell takes the reader on a journey around the farm looking for eggs. There are lots of flaps to lift up and peek under which is always popular with the little ones. Definitely a longer lasting gift than a chocolate egg!

Get crafty

I think for lots of young children, cutting, glueing and sticking is way up there in terms of favourite activities. So instead of a chocolate egg, why not buy some Easter themed craft supplies from your local pound shop and get creative? This is a great activity to have on standby just in case we have 4 rainy days over the Easter weekend!

Something a little bit different

Egg and soldiers board

Moving away from chocolates and sweets, if you’re looking for something completely different as an Easter gift then you might like the idea of my personalised egg and soldiers board. They are made of solid oak and you can customize them however you want. Maybe you’ve got an Easter pun or play on words that you would like to write to someone, or perhaps a handwritten message would be good too. I love how one of my customers combined both ideas and presented granny with their very own ‘eggcellent’ egg and soldiers board!

My deadline for 2019 Easter orders is Sunday 31st March! 

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Posted on March 15th 2019

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