4 simple tips to choose a unique Mothers day Gift

Here at Hugo’s workshop, we make lots of lovely gifts for all sorts of occasions. The nature of my work means that I’m often out at craft fairs and in cool handmade shops, so I’m always full of ideas when it comes to buying people presents. I just assumed that most people were like that, but after appearing on the radio show with James O’Brien on LBC last year I was really surprised by how many men got in touch after the show to buy my products for their wives and mums. They told me that this was the type of thing they knew the women in their lives would love. Now I don’t want to generalize too much, but it seems that a lot of men really struggle to buy well thought out gifts, and as I thought about it more I realised that 90% of my current customer base is female!

So I thought it would be helpful to write a post to talk about a few things to bear in mind if you’re trying to buy a special gift for someone, especially if you’re struggling to think of Mothers day gift ideas.

1. Plan ahead.

This is easier said than done and with two young children, I am guilty of rushing around at the last minute to get something done. But think about it. What says ‘I love you’ more: a gift that you grabbed on the way home from work from the local garage or a gift that you ordered from a local crafter a few weeks before it was needed. Which mother’s day present shows that you were thinking of them more? Plus, the more time you allow yourself, the more chance you can get something really unique for Mother’s Day. My most popular Mother’s day gifts are things that have a personalised message, or children’s handwriting carved onto them. All you need to do is get a sample of the handwriting and then I use this to create something completely unique. My last day for standard orders for Mothers day 2021 is Friday 4th March. 

Read more about how the handwriting products work here

Mothers Day

2. Think about what makes them unique

Rather than just thinking about the usual ‘one size fits all’ gifts like chocolates or flowers, try and delve a little further. Think about their hobbies, what they like watching on TV and even about any sports that they do.

My engraved medal hangers are hugely popular with ‘running mums’ as they are a practical way to store and showcase all of their running medals, while also offering the chance for a personal message from someone they love or from their kids. I ran the London Marathon myself in 2017, along with lots of other local races and there is something really special about seeing your medals on display. They’re a little reminder that you can achieve some pretty amazing things when you put your heart to it! The medal hangers now have the added option of a secret message engraved on the back, which is an extra chance to say something special to the one you love. Think of it as a little private whisper to let them know you’re proud of what they have done.

If there are no obvious hobbies that spring to mind, then what about favourite food and drink? My ‘Gin Creation Stations’ have been a huge hit with mums (and dads and even Grandads) this year! A personalised Gin chopping board would make a unique Mother’s Day gift. I even made a completely bespoke one for Katie Kirby, author of Hurrah for Gin with a picture of her (then) new book on it which she loved!

Chopping board

3. Make it personal

If you can’t think of any hobbies or interests then giving personalised Mothers day gifts is another great idea. It could be their name on something, or it could be even more unusual than that. A quote from a favourite book, a handwritten message from the kids or even a cheesy pun! All of these things make a unique, personalised gift for mums and I have engraved them onto my oak photo frames, oak chopping boards and even on the medal hangers too.

4. Make it useful

If you’re still stuck for ideas, then I promise you that sometimes gifts don’t have to be big and beautiful to be appreciated. My husband recently bought me a pair of crocs to wear in the workshop because my feet were getting cold and my trainers were getting ruined while I worked. Not glamorous, but I was touched that he had been thinking about me. And actually, that’s what it’s all about. The best gifts for mother’s day or birthdays aren’t about spending lots of money; they’re about showing that you think about them and that you care.

I hope this has been useful in getting you to think of a few different Mother’s day present ideas.

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Rebecca x

Posted on February 26th 2021

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